Containerized Dewatering Systems

Packaged Decanter Centrifuge


As the drilling industry is regulated by a myriad of environmental regulations that continue to become increasingly more stringent, having the right solids control and dewatering equipment has become vital to successful drilling operations. Dewatering presents a great deal of benefits and advantages. One such benefit includes discharge compliance, in which many cases result in a “zero-discharge” or “closed-loop system.” Dewatering also maximizes drilling fluid recovery, ultimately lowering overall mud costs as well as disposal and transportation expenses. Furthermore, with these systems, mud properties improve and as mud properties improve, so too does the rate of penetration.  With a “zero-discharge” or “closed-loop system” rigs can operate without mud pits, therefore reducing the location footprint and environmental impact.


For over 25 years, Elgin has been designing solids management and dewatering systems for the most demanding environments.  With this experience, Elgin has designed a 20’ an 40' Containerized Dewatering Unit.  This unit was designed with the customer in mind by being mobile and compact. Furthermore, it also incorporates sophisticated graphical user interfaces, chemical additive injection systems, ESS-1450HD2 or ESS-1967HD2 decanter centrifuge, and in-line mixer systems. By utilizing proprietary polymer hydration manifolds, the polymer enhanced flocculation of colloidal and ultra-fine drilled solids can be efficiently removed with a decanter centrifuge.


This versatile unit can be customized by our engineering team to meet any specific needs or challenges. It may be operated as a stand-alone device or can be incorporated as the cornerstone of a sophisticated closed-loop solids control and waste management treatment system. Systems can be climate controlled and insulated, upon request.


Overview of Unit Features

Elgin's 20 foot containerized dewatering system the ESS-1448HD2 Dceanter Centrifuge and polymer injcetion system.

20 Foot Containerized Dewatering Systems

Elgin's 40 foot containerized dewatering system features the ESS-1967HD2 Decanter Centrifuge and polymer injection manifold.

40 Foot Containerized Dewatering Systems

40 Foot Containerized Dewatering Systems


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