Decanter Centrifuge

ESS-1967HD2 Barite Recovery & Dewatering Centrifuge


Whether you are working toward maximizing product recovery or looking to get the most out of your “zero-discharge” closed-loop system, Elgin’s field proven solid / liquid separation and dewatering centrifuges are a perfect choice.  With over 550 centrifuges installed worldwide, the ESS-1967HD2 represents Elgin’s flagship centrifuge.


Power and Performance

Elgin’s ESS-1967HD2 is fitted with a NEMA premium, continuous duty, energy-efficient, poly-chain driven, 125 hp main drive and a direct-coupled 40 hp back-drive.


The 125 hp main drive can operate the centrifuge up to a maximum rotational speed of 3,100 rpm, therefore generating more than 2,500 G’s of force.  Using an inclined motor mount, motor and belt maintenance is made easy by the adjustment of two jack screws.  No additional motor mounts, brackets or tensioning devices are required.


By utilizing a carbon fiber poly-chain, no belt retensioning is required after installation is complete.  The carbon fiber tensile cords are length-stable and can withstand shock loads that frequently lead to belt failure.  More importantly, Elgin’s carbon fiber poly-chain will not require quarterly replacement.


Another significant advantage relative to the use of poly-chains is the lowered energy consumption.  Since the poly-chain operates with a positive tooth/groove engagement, there is no start-up or operational slippage.   The combination of the poly-chain, sheave selection and shaft-to-shaft distances, the 125 hp motor delivers more than 125% of the required power to operate the ESS-1967HD2.



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ESS-1967HD2 decanter centrifuge is the perfect solutions for barite recovery and dewatering solutions when recycling drilling fluid.

ESS-1967HD2 Decanter Centrifuge


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