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Elgin Separation Solutions is your one-stop-shop for solids control and waste management solutions. Let our in-house engineering team design the perfect system to meet your solids control needs. This resource page offers white papers, case studies, editorials, presentations and worksheets to assist you in determining the perfect solution for you company's needs.

White Papers & Case Studies

Treating Challenging Oil Slop & Sludge Waste

Common Challenges relative to
the Use of Decanter Centrifuges for Barite Recovery in the Oil and
Gas Industry

Packaged Polymer Injection
System Case Study

ESS-1967HD2 Case Studies

Understanding the Potential Class II - Division I Safety Hazards When  Operating Vertical Cuttings Dryers

Industry Leading Drilling

Fluid Dewatering

The Application of Waste solids Management Vertical Cuttings Dryers as an Integral Element of a Successful Solids Control System



Buyer's Guide

The technologies manufactured by Elgin are specifically designed to remove suspended solids, with a specific gravity greater than 1.0, from a fluid stream with an average specific gravity of 1.0.  The ultimate selection of a treatment technology is dependent on the characteristics of the suspended solids, the characteristics of the fluid stream carrying the suspended solids, the total flow rates to treated, and the ultimate treatment goals.   Equipment selection decisions made by customers without a complete treatment profile take sole risk for the performance achieved.


Download the 'Suspended Solids Treatment Profile Worksheet' and submit the completed to your business development manager when requesting a quote.

Suspended Solids Treatment Profile Worksheet

HDD Solids Control Principals and Buyer's Guide


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