KEMTRON 400HD2 Packaged Fluid Management System

Mud Reclaimer /Recycling System


Elgin’s KEMTRON 400HD2 Packaged Mud Recycling System comes standard with a dual-deck 4-panel linear motion shaker.   Featuring (6) 4” hydrocyclones capable of providing 400 gpm of processing capacity.  A Tier III 60KW diesel generator package, hydrocyclone discharge flow dividers, a personal restraint and deck access package, three dedicated centrifugal pumps, and a triple-axel trailer with a mechanical 4-point jacking system make this the perfect system for rigs smaller than 100,000-pound push/pull capacities.


Recently, Elgin has incorporated new independent pump pockets that allow for direct access to each pump for ease of operation and maintenance.  With on-board lighting, four high-pressure mud guns, and a new retractable ladder, the KEMTORN 400HD2 is the industry’s most advanced mud system for its size.


The KEMTRON 400HD2 shaker can bit fitted with either hydraulic vibrator motors or electric, depending on the application.   Upon request, the shaker can be fitted with two Hi-G 2.0HP (6.5 G’) motors as an upgrade to the standard 1.5HP motors (5 G’s).   The 4-panel duel deck shaker provides a total of 40 sq. ft. of screen surface are.


With the KEMTRON 400HD2’s 2,350 gallon tank, this unit can process fluid handling up to 400 gpm with a maximum attainable solids control cut of 25 microns.


With all of these options, Elgin’s KEMTRON 400HD2 is an affordable, high performance mud recycling system that is capable of managing high flow rates while maintaining a compact footprint.


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