KEMTRON 600HD2 Packaged Fluid Management System

Mud Reclaimer / Recycling System


Elgin Separation Solutions has become a leading manufacturer of effective mud recycling systems in North America. Designed for today’s HDD drilling contractor with 80k to 150k pullback rigs in the trenchless, water-well, or geothermal industry. Capable of processing 600 gallons per minute (38 lps) of drilling fluid, the KEMTRON unit is a high performing recycling system with a compact user-friendly design. Featuring an industry first touch screen control panel with Wi-Fi capabilities, the KEMTRON 600HD2™ allows the operator to run the system from a smart phone, tablet or laptop.


In addition, the KEMTRON 600HD2™ features the new Hyper-G™ six-panel linear motion shaker with increased G-force output & single-point leveling jack, Firestone™ single-piece vibration isolation system, independent centrifugal pump pockets for direct maintenance access and eight 4” desilter hydrocyclone manifold capable of cleaning fluid down to 25 microns. Trailer mounted systems feature a heavy-duty dual-axel configuration and hydraulic leveling jacks for efficient unit placement at rig site. The KEMTRON 600HD2™ tank has been significantly increased from 3,000 gallons to an impressive 4,000 gallon (15,141 liters) capacity with new fold out / walk up ladder and increased working deck space. Combine all this with a sound-attenuated 100kw generator package, the KEMTRON 600HD2™ packaged mud recycling is the perfect solution for your solids control needs.


The KEMTRON 600HD2™ System Features:


• 4,000 gallon (15,141 liters) two-compartment

 holding tank.


• Hyper-G Multifunctional Linear Motion Shaker

 with single point leveling jack


• Eight (8) 4” hydrocyclone desilters for

 secondary sand and silt removal.


•  Mud hopper with venturi nozzle to provide

 shear energy in preparing new mud.


• Two 20 hp centrifugal pumps with

 mechanical seal for transfer operation and

 mud mixing.  One 25 hp centrifugal pump

 with mechanical seal for desilter operation.



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• Firestone™ Marsh Mellow shaker vibration

 isolation system.


• Built in power washer with 300 gallon water

 tank and 30 ft hose(optional).


• Touch Screen control panel with remote Wi-fi control capabilities (optional).


• Special features such as rear discharge chute,

 dump valves and drain troughs, allow for

 working in environmentally sensitive areas.


• 30,000 lbs rated heavy duty trailer with

 hydraulic leveling jack system.


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