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Elgin Separation Solutions mining and aggregate division manufactures a complete line of Vibratory Screen, Screen Scroll & Vibratory Centrifuges, Profile Wire & Polyurethane Screens, and Repair & Remanufacturing Services.

Horizontal Screens

The linear motion horizontal screen is the mainstay of the many screens used in coal prep plants and lends itself toward sizing when the cut point is below 1½”.  It is also used in magnetite recovery and dewatering.

Incline Screens

Linear motion inclined screens are used primarily in the aggregate industry where production volume has increased but space limitations do not allow for larger screens.


Circular motion inclined screens typically lend themselves to scalping operations.  The circular motion causes the material to roll down the deck.  This helps reduce “plugging” of the near size material in the openings.  Elliptical motion inclined screens operate in much the same way as the circular motion version. Depending on drive placement, this screen can speed up the travel rate on the feed end and slow it down on the discharge end.

Reverse Incline

Reverse incline screens are often used for dewatering and recovery of fines from effluent.  With its high acceleration and upward slopes, this screen is suitable for applications where a dry, conveyable product is needed.

Multi-Slope Screens

This screen is used in almost every coal industry application, particularly in raw coal/deslime and drain/rinse operations. It increases processed tonnage 30% to 40% over the same footprint of a conventional type screen.


The operating principle of the “banana” screen is based on maintaining a thin bed of material from the feed to discharge end. This allows immediate stratification of fines to the bottom of the bed and increases the probability of separation.  The Tabor Model TMS Multi-Slope screen has standard 4’ modular deck sections and replaceable deck wear liners.

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Tabor Thane

Panels easily install in stringers.  Locking pin is then hammered in to double lock panels in place.  Dams attach using double locking pins in place of single pins.  Optional Pin Strips can be used in place of single pins.

Modular Panels

Our patented polyurethane screen systems can be used on almost all OEM vibrating screen manufacturers for sizing, rinsing and dewatering your product. We also offer hybrid screen decking available in woven wire, perforated plate and profile wire to maximize your screen’s efficiency.

Profile Wire Screen

Unlike punch plate or woven wire, profile wire screens offer 2-point particle contact. The continual slots and inward widening openings allow for less plugging of near size particles.


To ensure the strongest weld possible, we use continuously controlled TIG welding to connect the profile wires to the support bars.

P3P System

P3P user-friendly design provides flexibility, simple installation and ease of maintenance.  P3P is designed for maximum user flexibility.  The support system can accommodate various screen configurations and hole openings.  The P3P system can be installed on most other deck frame designs.  Engineered for ease of installation and maintenance, P3P can be quickly installed or changed, reducing operational down time and lost production.

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EBR/EBW Vertical Screen-Scroll

The CMI Model EBR/EBW  Vertical Screen-Scroll Centrifuges are designed for small particles and will provide efficient and consistent moisture reduction even with fluctuating feed rates.

HVC-1400 Vibratory

Available in either a 1400 or 1500 configuration, the CMI Model HVC Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuge is easily installed in nearly every coarse particle circuit.  With its cartridge style drive assembly allowing for quick field replacement and its economical low G operation, the HVC is designed with ease of operation in mind.  Available with a two-piece screen configuration for replacement cost savings.

HSC Horizontal Scroll

The HSC is designed to be user-friendly while lowering the cost of installation, operation, maintenance and repair.  With its sealed, nearly maintenance-free drive unit, simplified lubricating system, sealed oil-filled planetary gearbox and self-contained construction, the HSC is rugged and reliable yet cost-effective. The optional I-Beam and Chain Hoist is used to install parts which can eliminate the need for an overhead crane.

VC Vertical Vibratory

The VC Centrifuge uses vibratory dewatering technology and centrifugal force to provide reliable dewatering of coarse particle applications.  A large feed hopper eliminates the need for a feed chute, and a catch in the center increases part life. The VC features an accelerating wear plate which allows for even screen wear.  The drive assembly consists of the main working parts en-closed in a steel cast housing which can then be removed as a single unit for easy replacement or repair.

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Belt Wiper

Impact Bed

Moon Sliders

Clinch River belt wipers are made of polyurethane offering advantages such as abrasive, tear and impact resistant. Belt wipers come in solid or segmented design that are easy to replace. Blades are water, oil and grease resistant.

Impact beds are designed to provide maximum protection to the conveyor belt. Our impact beds are adjustable from 5° up to 35°.  The bars are made of an impact resistance rubber, with 3/8” UHMW with metal insert. Bar inserts can be customized with steel or aluminum inserts.

Moon sliders are available in any transition degree and  are designed using a three bolt UHMW replacement system. Strong tubular construction provides for durability and strength. Moon sliders have no moving parts and will cause no moving violations. Ideal for smaller materials being conveyed with a lower density.

Chute Work

Sieve Bend

Industrial Heaters

Clinch River can design and manufacture chutes to fit your needs. Built using A36 steel or stainless steel and designed for durable long-life performance. Our pre-engineered chute lining protects and cushions the chute from the material being handled. Ceramic liners deliver ultimate performance where extreme heat and abrasion is a problem.

Clinch Rivers Sieve Bend combines unique features with durability that generates one of the lowest cost per ton processed feed available on the market today. Sieve screens are made of stainless steel for corrosion and wear resistance.

Clinch River manufactures industrial heavy duty forced air electrical heaters in 30 kw and 50 kw configurations. Constructed from galvanized steel or stainless steel with helical wound elements using chrome resistance wire.

Feed Box

Improved box and feed chute design permits full utilization of screens and controls splashing and flooding of the screen. Includes ceramic liners for extended wear life.

Full Service Custom Fabrication

and Repair


Clinch River Corporation has become known for its ability to provide high quality industrial metal fabrication and vacuum pump repair. Our versatile production capabilities enable us to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries. Clinch River Corporation also is a certified distribution and service center for Howden Roots Vacuum Pumps to keep your operation up & running

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