Mud Cleaner

Drilling Fluid Cleaning System


With the combination of a desander and desilter mounted over a powerful multi-functional shale shaker, Elgin’s line of mud cleaners offer both high performance and versatility for the operator.  This integration of advanced equipment puts forth a unit that can handle large volumes of circulating fluids and is able to retain fluid integrity.  Features such as our wedge-lock fastening system, mud bypass gate, and explosion proof enclosures all allow for ease of use. Our pride is truly expressed in our work through our craftsmanship, research, design, and the overall practicality of our equipment.


With our in-house engineering and design capabilities, Elgin can integrate any number of hydrocyclone arrangements with any of our shakers.  In all cases, Elgin’s hydrocyclones come with polyurethane bodies, where erosion resistant inserts are available. Standard hydrocyclone cone sizes available include 4”, 5”, 10”, and 12” and can be provided in arrangements of one to 20 cones. To ensure optimum separation capability, the pressure differential through the hydrocyclone manifold can be controlled by the installation of isolation valves on each cone.  To add an additional layer of screen protection, hydrocyclone manifold discharges can be collected in underflow collection troughs or each cone can be fitted with a flow-deflection, “screen saver.” In Elgin’s patented multi-functional mud cleaners, the collection troughs can then be directed to the top deck or bottom deck depending on the application and desired level of solid-liquid separation.



Elgin’s polyurethane molded hydrocyclones are available in a number of configurations, ranging from 60 gpm systems to 2,000 gpm systems and capable of achieving a solids cut point of 25 microns.   Each hydrocyclone is made of high durameter, durable polyurethane and can be fitted with independent valve isolation, discharge deflection devices, and pressure monitoring systems.   For abrasive solids, Elgin can also fit our polyurethane hydrocyclones with ceramic liners to maximize equipment life.

Elgin Separation Solutions can configure mud cleaners with multiple desilter and desander options.
Elgin can configure desliter manifolds with 4" or 5" cone configuration for any flow capacity.

Desilter Manifold

Elgin can configure desander manifolds with 10" or 12" cone capacity for all flow demands.

Desander Manifold


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