Microemulsion Injection & Separation Technology (MIST)


The SAS-ES MIST system is designed to combine the SAS-ES products with the right engineering setup. Chemical injection and the following separation of the waste into oil, water and solids can be achieved routinely if provided with the right setup and the right training for the team. This system allows for fast setup and implementation of the SAS-ES process.


SAS-ES 20' MIST System is packaged within a Standard Internationally-Rated, Hi-Cube, Shipping Container (9.5’ x 8’ x 20’) for efficient and practical overseas and land shipping. The system includes all the standard slops and sludge treatment components, including a high-speed decanter centrifuge. SAS-ES MIST systems can operate as a stand-alone device or be the cornerstone of a sophisticated closed-loop solids control and waste treatment and oil recovery system.


The heart of SAS-ES MIST system is the combination of the right chemicals with chemistry manifolds, dosage systems, and mixing systems. These fully integrated systems are carefully engineered to provide optimum chemical delivery. The result is a process that can be used to efficiently remove solids with a
SAS-ES decanter centrifuge whilst also enabling the recovery of high quality oil and water fractions at the same time.

The standard decanter centrifuge is a high-speed decanting centrifuge with a 14” diameter bowl that is 48” long. Operating at speeds over 3,000 rpm, the SAS-ES centrifuge produces a force 2,000 times that of gravity or 2,000 G’s. Solid discharge is conveyed to one end where it drops from the machine into a conveyor. Liquid / centrate discharge is collected and flows to the dilution tank or mud tank by way of a large manifold.


The centrifuge has several safety devices. The planetary gearbox is pinion controlled. The pinion is attached to a trip arm that senses the torque on the internal screw (scroll). When the torque exceeds the preset maximum setting (factory set), the torque arm trips, sending an electrical signal to the control panel. This signal then shuts down the centrifuge and feed pump.


There is an independent vibration switch attached to the body of the centrifuge. If the centrifuge produces rotational vibration in excess of the preset maximum setting (factory set), electrical signal shuts down the centrifuge and feed pump.


The centrifuge is driven by a high-efficiency electric motor through a hydraulic coupling. This coupling is equipped with a fusible plug which releases the fluid in the event that the motor is running and the resistance of the bowl is too great. This causes the oil to heat up and melt the fusible plug in an effort to save the motor and coupling from catastrophic damage.

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