Repair and Remanufacturing Services

Centrifuge & VCD Repair


Relative to our commitment to the product life cycle and asset management, Elgin Separation Solutions (“Elgin”) has invested in high-quality, full-service, product support centers in Houston, Texas; Raleigh, Illinois; and St. Albans, West Virginia.   Each of these service centers have been set up to provide full repair, refurbishment and remanufacturing services for your entire solids control and waste management fleet.    In addition, Elgin now has the ability to provide after-market refurbished centrifuges to help control capital equipment expenditures and to maximize the life-cycle of existing capital equipment assets.   Simply send your used centrifuge core to Elgin and we will provide you a detailed report of the refurbishment expenses required to bring it back to fully operational specifications.


OEM Standards

Elgin has collected decades of experiencing designing, manufacturing, servicing and refurbishing decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers.    As an original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”), Elgin has a unique understanding of the design basis and the key operating principles of the equipment it services.  By deploying OEM quality control techniques and documented acceptance criteria a higher standard and level of confidence can be expected from a centrifuge or vertical cuttings dryer that has been serviced by Elgin.  Combined with our service-driven perspective and reliability as a timely service provider, you capital equipment fleet could not be entrusted to better hands.


One-Stop-Shop Service and Spare Parts

As is illustrated in the below table, Elgin has vast experience in the service and refurbishment of the industry’s most popular centrifuges.    As is further highlighted by this table, Elgin can provide a one-stop-shop service relative to maintaining your entire centrifuge fleet.   Instead of distributing your maintenance service amongst a variety of supplier, Elgin provides a single point of contact.


Though Elgin’s field service, repair and remanufacturing services are tough to beat, our greatest value is in the depth of engineered spare parts offered.   Spare parts provided by Elgin are designed to outperform those typically available from our competition.   This is not simply because of our commitment to dimensional accuracy, but because of the enhanced features that we commonly incorporate.


Many of the spare parts offered by Elgin include a host of abrasion-resistant spray coatings, epoxy-resin set ceramic tiles, and brazed tungsten carbide tiles.   Elgin’s customers quickly recognize that our spare parts not only are cost competitive, but significantly outlast those provided by our competition and competing original equipment manufacturers.


Download the complete Repair and Remanufactuirng Brochure for more information.


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In addition to complete repair and remanufacturing services for decanter centrifuges, Elgin offers repair and remanufacturing services for all its Vertical Cuttings Dryers. See the chart below for complete details.


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