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Removing solids from drilling fluid is fundamental to drilling performance. Solids control has a wide range of benefits, including but not limited to: increased drilling penetration, reduction in mud costs, reduction in disposal costs, and increased bit life. By and large, increased solids removal equates to lower drilling costs for the operator.


Shale shakers are the first line of defense for a properly designed solids control system. Shakers have been used on drilling rigs since the 1940’s and are a significant part of the drilling process. Shale shakers work by removing solids from drilling fluid as the mud passes over the surface of a vibrating screen. The liquid portion of the mud and solids pass through the screen while larger solids fall off the back end and are thus discarded. Drilling fluids are a key aspect of the drilling process and often lubricate & cool the drill bit and take drilled cuttings from the borehole. Shakers still remain the backbone of any solids control system. As time has progressed, so have these technologies; more advanced and efficient designs have been cultivated including screen technology.


For more than 25 years, Elgin has manufactured effective solids control and waste management equipment.  Elgin’s driving principal is to provide quality, dependable equipment.  Elgin is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of shaker screens focused on today’s drilling contractor needs. Cleaner mud, increased productivity and screen life are key to any drilling operation.  Elgin’s screens deliver effective solids control with precise API 13C cut point and conductance.


The American Petroleum Institute (API) screen designation has become the standard for the identification of screen panels in the oil & gas industry. API designates the micron opening size (cut point) and the conductance in which the liquids pass through the screen. Elgin’s screens are in compliance with API labeling practices that includes:  API designation, conductance in kD/mm, D100 value, and non-blanked open area in square feet.  Elgin’s screens are API rated and tested by third party agencies to meet the stringent requirements of API RP 13C.  Elgin has also conducted a host of complmenting tests including chemical immersion testing with: diesel, alpha-olefin, calcium chloride, caustic soda and kerosene. In all cases, Elgin’s polyester powder coated screens demonstrate superior environmental exposure resistance when compared to competitor screens. All Elgin products must pass rigorous quality control testing including: coating consistency, coating adhesion properties, and mechanical strength. Elgin takes pride in conducting stringent testing and an extensive quality control process to ensure the highest quality of products.


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Elgin manufactures shale shaker screens for all its shakers and after-market screens for NOV, MiSwaco, Fluid Systems, DFTS and Meerkat shakers.


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