Hyper-G™ Shaker

Dual Motion, Variable Speed Shaker


Elgin Separation Solutions offers a complete line of vibratory shakers for the oil & gas, food rendering, industrial wastewater, petrochemical and trenchless industries. Single-deck, 3-panel up to dual-deck, 6-panel designs are available for complete solid / liquid separation operations, even in the harshest of environments. Whether used as flow-line, scalping or drying unit, Elgin's shakers are rugged, reliable and require low maintenance.


Power and Performance

Elgin’s Hyper-G™ Shale Shaker provides power, performance and a new standard in practical design. Capable of producing up to 7 G’s of force and coupled with a variable frequency drive, the Hyper-G™ provides power when you need it.  By adding a single point jacking system and an improved screen fastening system, you now have a shaker that is as easy to operate, as it is powerful.


Variable-G VFD Control System

Operating a shale shaker at high G’s on a consistent basis does not provide the operational flexibility needed when managing solids.  High G-force can be detrimental to the drying efficiency of fine, reactive or sticky solids.  As such, Elgin has incorporated a user-friendly, intelligent, variable frequency drive system that allows the shaker to consistently achieve three different preset G-force levels in both linear motion and balanced elliptical motion.  This allows the G-force and conveyance dynamics of Elgin’s Hyper-G™ Shaker to be adjusted with the simple twist-of-the- wrist at the control panel.



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Hyper-G is a variable speed, dual motion shaker for use in the oilfield.

Hyper-G™ Flow-Line Shaker

Hyper-G drying shaker is a variable speed, dual motion shaker for use in the oilfield.

Hyper-G™ Drying Shaker

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