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As our industry evolves, we are faced with increasing responsibility to protect the environment in which we operate.

Concurrently, government agencies continue to increase pressure toward achieving these goals by placing stringent effluent limitations on the discharge of contaminated drill cuttings to the environment.  Elgin has become the leading manufacturer of rugged and easy to use  CSI™ Vertical Cuttings Dryers (“VCD”) to support the goals of both the industry and regulators.


CSI™ is the industry’s most recognized & reputable Vertical Cuttings Dryer Centrifuge available in the market.  No other brand has achieved more success or recovered more drilling fluid, than the CSI™ dryer.  There have been almost 800 CSI™ dryers delivered to the market.  Every major solid / liquid separation & waste management service provider in the market operate CSI™ dryers (Including, but not limited to Baker Hughes™, Halliburton™, M-I Swaco™, Weatherford™, Ava / New Park™ and NOV™).


Achieving Results

Typical flow-line shaker cuttings maintain a liquid content on average between 15% to 20%.   When properly managed, the CSI™ series dryers can lower the liquid content below 4%, in some cases down to 1%.  This can be done while managing up to 80 tons (54,000 kilograms) per hour of drill cuttings, depending on size of the VCD.



The VCD is fed via screw conveyor, vacuum system, or rotary-lobe solids pump from the flow-line shaker discharge.  Drill cuttings are fed into the hopper, and distributed along the inner wall of the screen with the aid of the flites.  The liquid phase, or “filtrate”, passes through the screen openings while the vertical scrapers with hardened faces scrape the accumulating cake solids towards the bottom of the VCD for disposal.  The centrate gravity flows into a containment tank and pumped to a high speed decanter centrifuge for low gravity solids removal.  Upon discharge, the dried cuttings are then safely discharged to the environment, are collected for further treatment, or are staged off-site disposal.  CSI™ VCD’s significantly improves liquid phase recovery, thereby paying for itself.


CSI-03 Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical cuttings dryers can process oil-based or water-based drilling mud.

CSI-04 Vertical Cuttings Dryer


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